CoUlter Construction Inc.

We help our clients achieve their goals.  We build long-term relationships based on reliability, honesty and trust.

“That’s what it means to be a quality builder in America.” -Bart Coulter

Bart Coulter,  Bill McNamara

Our History

200 Years of Learning, Building and Growing 

Coulter Construction, Inc. was founded in 1980 on the principle of excellent service. Our hands-on approach keeps us actively involved in estimating and project management. Our leadership keeps Coulter Construction, Inc.  at the forefront of construction technology and practices. In 2013, Bart Coulter who founded the company handed down his aspirations and dreams to his only son, Jason. Today, Jason Coulter maintains the family legacy by growing the company to make his wife and daughter proud.

Our Clients

Customer service is our top priority.

Through hard work and a solid reputation, Coulter Construction, Inc. has grown to support large and small scale jobs across commercial light industrial projects. We have a rich, trusted, long standing history with our clients including Stanford University, Tesla Motors, BMW and more!

Our Team

Experienced Leadership and Integrity 

Coulter Construction, Inc. has assembled a team of industry veterans, each with a history of providing the highest quality service to our clients. Our management team sets a solid foundation for the rest of the company. We are committed to quality workmanship and to continuously improving methods for designing, building and constructing projects. 

The Corporate Team
Jason Coulter


Jason Coulter brings 16 years of hands on experience in the construction industry after going through the Carpenters apprenticeship and graduated in 2009. In 2014, Jason became the president of Coulter Construction, Inc. after his father and founder, Bart, retired.  To this day, Jason manages with the same hands-on approach, and is actively involved in safety. His ability to problem solve and leadership skills keeps Coulter Construction, Inc. at the forefront of the construction industry.

Jason and Bart Coulter
Keith Cauble

Executive Vice President / Estimator / Project Manager

Keith Cauble has 45 years experience in the construction industry. He is a senior estimator, project manager, and construction management consultant. Keith’s experience is supported by a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the University of Hawaii.

Bill McNamara

Vice President / Estimator / Project Manager

Bill McNamara has 40 years experience in the construction industry. Bill is instrumental in developing and implementing Coulter Construction, Inc. pre-construction services, value engineering and lease back projects. He is also a senior estimator and project manager

Tammy Hodge

Contract Administrator

Tammy Hodge is our senior contract administrator. Her responsibilities include processing pre-qualification submittals, bids and contract documentation. Tammi also manages the submittals and RFI’s for the project managers. She has been with Coulter Construction, Inc. since 1993. Her years of experience ensure that contracts are efficiently and accurately handled.

Kimara Hodge

Accounts Receivable

Kimara Hodge is the contact administrator and the accounts receivable manager at Coulter Construction, Inc. Kimara maintains records on all receivables including billable hours through the use of the software application Pro Contractor by View Point. Kimara has been with Coulter Construction, Inc. since 1992. 

Denise Hostetter

Accounts Payable

Denise Hostetter serves as the account payable and payroll manager. Denise works closely with accounts receivable and tracks project closeouts. Denise has been with Coulter Construction, Inc. since 1994. 

Coulter Construction, Inc.

Mountain View, CA


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