A Genuine Culture of Safety.

No lost time injury in almost ten years!

Coulter Construction, Inc. has long recognized that maintaining safe job sites is our most important duty. The safety of our employees, subcontractors, and clients is our absolute top priority.

It shows in how we approach this vital element of construction.

We believe that all work must be executed in the safest way and that all employees must receive the training they need in order to do their job safely. Not only does every employee receive regular safety training, but they also receive ongoing training related to the unique aspects of each job. We also know that exceptional owners want to work with contractors who have exceptional safety records, which are indicative of a company’s dedication to controlling quality and costs by providing a productive atmosphere through a safe working environment. Our proactive safety training and new hire orientation programs also increase effectiveness and morale. 


Coulter Construction, Inc, has set its own prevention procedures, including required wearing of personal protection equipment (gloves, safety boots, ear protection, eye protection, respirators, and hard hats), checking for underground utilities and overhead power lines before work begins, assuring tools are used in the correct manner, providing working backup alarms on equipment, making drivers aware of potential hazards in delivery areas, providing lighting when working after dark, training of proper postures while using tools, and encouraging workers to be well-rested and alert on their shift.


Pre-Task Planning is necessary to make any construction project successful. “Pre-Task Safety and Health Planning” is necessary to promote a safer and healthier work environment for each and every task.

There are a number of tools that a site safety and health professional or site superintendent can use to promote a safer work task leading to a safer project at completion. These tools include a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA), and the Pre-Task Safety and Health Plan. These tools are now used on projects more often than in the past.

There are also Tailgate/Toolbox safety and health meetings and plans, Safety Moments, Safe Work Observations, Safety Stand-downs, and more. The good news is that the experienced construction safety and health professional has all of these tools and more available to them to positively impact the success of a project. The challenge is simplicity and how to effectively use these tools.

Just one more step in making it a safer place.

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